Hello again!

I've decided to take a break at being the worst blog writer in the world and have finally gotten around to writing this post.

A lot has happened over these past couple of months here in Korea, a lot of it happened really quickly and a lot of it was a little unexpected too. All of it involved tons of laughs and a few tears as well.

To start I got to watch a ton of really cool acts (including Foals! aaaah!) at the Ansan Valley festival. I went to Taiwan with the best group of girls. I got some pretty fantastic new coworkers who have turned out to be really great friends too. I turned another year older and had a really fun and special birthday. My whole family came to visit me and we went on our first ever overseas holiday together adventuring around Beijing. I said goodbye to some amazing friends who have really made a mark on me during my time in Korea and I finally started planning my travels for when I finish my contract.

I will do my best to write some more posts with some more updates on the last couple of months but for now I leave you with one of my creations made with something else thats been killing time lately (I may have also turned into a creepy cat lady too over the last couple of months, details to follow lol) Back soon! xx

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