4th of July fun & Boryeong Mud festival!

The 4th of July is usually just another day in July for me but for my American friends in Korea its something totally different. A bunch of us got together at a beach just off of Incheon called Muuido. It was a great little beach with wooden huts along it that you could stay in overnight. I decided to go along and try be as American as possible. We had an awesome time barbecuing, playing beach games, setting off fireworks, singing campfire songs and all the other fun stuff that went along with it.
Photos courtesy of Alex's epic instagram
Two weekends after that we headed out to the Boryeong Mud festival which is held every year on Daecheon beach, about a two hour bus trip from Seoul. Mud fest has been known to bring in a huge crowd of foreigners every year and this year it wasn't any different. It really didn't feel like I was in Korea for a while.

The festival was full of all things muddy with a few surprises scattered throughout the day. We covered ourselves with mud as soon as we got there and hit the mud slides and obstacle course. After washing off in the sea, where my one week old sunglasses decided they had had enough of being on my face and decided to stay in the water, we were surprised by a pretty cool air show with jets, smoke and planes flying over our heads and all the other neat stuff and air show has. 

The evening turned out to be pretty epic too when they set out a big boat in the middle of the ocean and shot fireworks off of it for everyone sitting on the beach. We ended the night with beach singalongs, slip slop losses and dance parties, perfect weekend Id say :)

Our bus on the way there was serious about the jiving
More of  Alex's photies

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