Sunday Funday: Paintball, Water rafting and Bungee trip

Working till 10pm every day of the week has really made me cherish my weekends. Back home I used to use my Sundays to recover from horrible hangovers until the Sunday braai started in the evening. I used up most of the Sundays when I first came to Korea doing the same (minus the braai). I justified it by blaming everything on the snow but now that snow longer exists here I've realised that my Sundays should really be used as fundays every weekend.

A million Sundays ago (lack of posting, sorry) was a really good one. A bunch of us went on a river rafting, paintball, ATV, zipline and bungee trip at a place called Inje in Gangwondo. We couldn't do all of those things but we all got to do the rafting and had the option of changing the paintball to atv or ziplining and then adding on the bungee jump as an extra. I chose the paintball and the bungee jump (cray!)

I only got shot once during paintball in the side of the head. I congratulated the girl who shot me afterwards, it was really quite impressive. The water rafting was a lot of fun. We had a bit of a Nazi Korean boat captain who pretty much shat on us the entire way down the river. We also had some crew falling overboard along the way, hilarious though and made the annoying Nazi captain less of a downer.

After a quick swim in the river we headed to the bungee site. The bungee jump looked less impressive than any I have ever seen but when people started jumping it became less of a 'meh' bungee and more of a 'ah hell no, no ways you guys I'm out' kind of thing. I also thought I would try be a big shot and do the ankle jump instead of the waist one that you could also choose. I waited a while to finally go ahead and take the plunge. A thousand what ifs went through my head. I finally got to the top of the platform and realised that I'm terrified of heights and was almost in tears before jumping off. I made it out though, alive and well :)
having a little cry before the jump
My jump!

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