A braai in Korea!

I've been slacking a bit on blog updates lately, sorry family and friends and whoever else is reading about my Korean adventures.

I have gotten my ducks in a row and had to write a whole post on this because it was one glorious day where I felt a tiny bit like I was back in South Africa, or at least something that's vaguely familiar to the land of boerewors, beer and babalas.

The guys over at SAKorNet hosted the annual Nanji Braai at Nanji park in Seoul. I roped in a bunch or friends to come with and experience a real South African braai, or at least the closest we are gonna get to it in Korea. We had to order our meat before from The Biltong Guy and then picked it up at the park to braai. They even had some SA drinks available: Hunters, Klipdrift and some different wines. I had to have a bit of everything... hence the babalas later on :p

It was a lot of fun, we braaied, danced, drank, spoke rubbish and even played a round of South African 30 seconds! All the components of a good bleddy braai! :)

Like Jan braai but American

My friend Jason took the ropes as the 'braaimaster' for the day, He made this video too:

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