I'm Meryl from Johannesburg, South Africa:) I started this blog a couple of years ago during an online journalism module in university. We were given an assignment to write some posts on anything we liked, I think mine were something about my favourite band at the time and why they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Lolz

Anyway, I realised that I really liked being able to write what I wanted and have people read it and comment as they liked. The name "If you like it, love it" kind of just popped into my head and stuck. I used this blog to  tell people about places or events that I went to or was going to and things I liked and loved.

After working as a news journalist after university, I decided I still didn't exactly know what I wanted to do in life and moved to the little city of Ansan in South Korea to play teacher for a while! I turned this blog into somewhat of a scrapbook or diary of my life in the strange little place that is Korea and the adventures I had gone on while I was there. My time in Korea has unfortunately come to an end but I did manage to squeeze in three and a bit months of travelling around South East Asia! I am still in the process of sharing my Asian fun one day at a time but more travelling is definitely in the woodworks for the future!

Happy reading!
kthanksbye :)

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