Ansan Valley Rock Festival!

The annual Valley Rock festival was held right outside the city I live in here in Korea. Usually held at the Jisan Forest Resort and called the Jisan Valley Rock festival, this year the venue moved and the festival was held on Daebu island which is about a 30 minute drive from Ansan. The lineup was pretty great and although I missed Vampire Weekend and The XX.. I know :( it was still a really great festival. I did however get to see the Stereophonics, Skrillex, Yellowcard, Steve Vai, Fun, a bunch of other super cool Korean acts and... Foals!!! It rained for a lot of the festival which made the already swampy land on Daebu pretty much a mud bath but we threw on a couple of plastic ponchos and kept going.

I find that it always brings a certain feeling of pride when an international act plays in your country. Its kind of a big deal when any international bands or acts come play in SA and they usually only come one at a time and do individual shows. Being able to see a bunch of big acts from all over the world at one festival was pretty great and they were playing in my home away from home which made it even better.
Bus hangovers from Noreabanging till 8am the night before.
Some videos of the festival:

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