I like this song Sunday! - Hozier, Take Me To Church

(I realise its not Sunday anymore or yet but a scheduled post didn't seem to work here so Wednesday it is!)

I don't write enough about music on this blog and there's so much good stuff I've heard in the past few weeks that I need to share, so this blog has just given birth to "I like this song Sunday". Songs that I like that I hope you will too:)

First post has to be Hozier. I recently took a trip to Ireland and saw him play at Electric Picnic Festival (loads more on that later). He was so great and hes a lovely Irish man too! The entire crowd was singing along to all his songs I couldn't help but become a fan girl right then and there. I made sure I got hold of all his songs when I got home so this has pretty much been on repeat for the last two weeks:

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