Sok Orphanage, Siem Reap Cambodia

I spent the next big chunk of my time in Siem Reap at Soks Orphanage. I had such a great time there. Being part of a place that is a safe haven for all sorts of kids in Cambodia was so so rewarding. The kids at Soks may not have all that much but they are extremely friendly, smart and talented. My days consisted of playing games, catching falling mangoes, teaching alphabet classes, getting my hair braided into a new hairstyle every hour and dance parties!

On my second day there we got to take the kids to Angkor Wat for a Khmer New Year picnic. It was really special being welcomed into their lives so quickly, getting to know all the kids was such a fantastic experience.

My time there was loads of fun and I was very very sad to leave. I can't give more thanks to Sok for giving me a home for ten days and welcoming me into their home too. His kindness and generosity goes far beyond anyone I met on my travels. If you're ever wanting to do any volunteering in Siem Reap, actually if you're ever in Siem Reap you must must go visit Soks Orphanage and the amazing children there. I'll definitely do my very best to go back again one day:)
View from the house I stayed in
Dance parties!
This was meant to be a heart lol
The hair salon

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