Towers and Merlions

I'm almost a month into my travels whaaaaat! There has been a serious lack of posts but Im working off a poopy tablet that isn't much fun... The first of more to come:
(written 10 March 2014)
2 countries down about 5 to go!

This time last week I was rushing to clean the rest of my apartment, saying see ya later to all the people I love in Korea and getting to the airport to start 3 months of incredible travel!
Its crazy to think that my first two countries are ticked off already! I started out flying to Kuala Lumpur, I only arrived at 1am so pretty much went straight to bed. Got onto a 7 wonders if KL tour in the morning that the hostel hosted. Met some great people. It covered all the go to sites in the city. I became Muslim for a few hours at the National Mosque, visited the Kings house (peeked through the gates), explored the KL museum and Merdeka Square, went to a tin factory, saw the Batu Caves and ate deelish food in Little India. All in one day! Other days exploring included the Petronas Towers, Sky bar at Traders Hotel for ladies night free drinks and amazing views and partying on the rooftop bar at the super cool hostel I stayed at :)

From KL I took the bus to Singapore. Such a cool city. The amount of money that is there kind of scares me. It was really a place for wealthy travelers who are totally fine with spending big money. I didnt do many expensive outings in Singapore at all but I still managed to spend more than I hoped to spend. The food in Singapore was amazing. Eating my way through Little India and Chinatown made me very happy. Made up for the money spent! I had the most romantic night on my own walking around Marina Bay getting strangers to take photos of me with the merlions Lol. On my last night I fitted in the famous night safari at the Singapore zoo, a really cool experience. Sure its nothing we get at home, it is still a zoo after all but it made for a good night out. All in all I would definitely go back to Singapore, possibly when im a little richer but its a great city. Next stop Thailand. Excited to see what it has in store for me this time!!!

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