A little while back for Buddhas birthday my friend Sarah and I took a trip to Namhae which is an island down south. It was a busy weekend which didn't exactly start so well for me because I ended up missing the bus on the way there. Long story short, after a super awkward/kind of relaxing body scrub and a nap at a jimjilbang I eventually got on a bus 11 hours after the bus I was supposed to be on and got to the island to join the rest of the tour group for a fun weekend.

We did a bunch of different things from helping out with traditional geriatric cow ploughing, eating strange raw seafood on the beach, sea kayaking, 'deep sea' fishing and going on a long hike up to Boriam temple.
It was a pretty great way to spend Buddhas birthday with a really fun group too :)
Old cow
I ate some of those
I ate that too
Getting postcard perfect photos
The first village we stayed at
Our ajuma whose house we stayed at
The second village we stayed at
bio-luminescent plankton waves. seeing this was probably one of the highlights of the trip. This is the only photo that came out where you can actually kind of see it. So cool!
Walking up to Boriam temple
ajumas in the mist

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