Hong Kong 3..

After our crazy day at Disneyland we had a bit of a sleep in and woke up to go searching for some famous Hong Kong french toast. We found the place and sat at a table with a bunch of the locals while we chomped down on our french toast and sipped on some Hong Kong tea. So good! We then set off with our full belly's to explore the new territories. We went walking through an old walled town where you stopped off at temples, study halls and museums along the way.
Yes that is a big chunk of butter in the middle of that deep fried french toast
 We eventually got back and decided we needed to check out the Hong Kong nightlife so we set off for Mong Kok and the Temple Street night market. After some souvenir shopping we headed to Lan Kwai Fong for a bit of a razzle. LKF is basically a collection of roads with a ton of bars and clubs along the street. A good place for convenience store drinking too:) We made some friends one of who was a fellow South African who happened to be from our neighbouring town back home! What a coinci-ink! After just the right amount of g & t's we headed back to our hostel to get ready for the long day of travelling home that was ahead of us.

On our last day we shopped around a little and raced to get to the airport for our flights home. Our little trip was over but was definitely one of the coolest memories I will have. I will definitely be back there someday.
A crab the size of your head anyone?
Drunken blurrys

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