Long weekend snowboard trip

About two weekends ago I went on my first actual trip away from the city! It was so great! I'm all about the city and I love Seoul and how busy and alive it is but I didn't realise how much I needed the break away for some fresh air in the mountains. We happened to have a long weekend so I got my ducks in a row and planned a ski/snowboarding trip with Adventure Korea. Its great how easy it is to pay for trips here. A quick bank transfer at the ATM and you're set, no credit cards, Paypal or internet banking needed!
So at the crack of dawn on a chilly Friday morning on March 1st I got my bag and made my way up the road to my subway station to continue my journey on an hour train ride to the place we would be leaving from. After everyone arrived and the bus showed up with a bunch of other eager skiers/snowboarders, including my friend Erin, we were on our way.
Subway stop.. not much happens before 6am here.
We eventually got to the resort, hit the rental shop and were on the slopes in no time, beginners slope/flat ground for me and a bunch of other girls, but slopes nonetheless :P Adventure Korea gave us a really good instructor who gave us actual snowboarding lessons. After learning the basics of the 'falling leaf' way of going down a hill, we were on our own. I must have fallen about 8 times in one of the runs down the beginners slope (no steez here!) but I convinced myself that 'falling is all part of the fun' and carried on. My body the next few days two weeks was not agreeing with that statement..
Adventure Korea group
Where I spent most of my time
Korean snowboarders have the craziest style.. Erin is trying to be a Kool Korean haha
We finished the weekend off with a visit to the Blue Canyon water park that was attached to the Phoenix Park ski resort. Words cannot explain how a good relax in the many jacuzzi's felt on my poor aching body :)

All in all it was a really great weekend and another weekend of firsts. First holiday in Korea, first time snowboarding, and first Noraebang! :D a noraebang is a karaoke room and where you and your friends usually end up after a heavy night of Korean beer and soju :) Success!

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  1. Looked amazing Mer:) I am glad you enjoyed your first of MANY MORE adventures while in Korea. Miss you so much. xxx