Meanwhile in Korea..

I've been in South Korea for just over a month now, its still freezing cold. The other day was the hottest its been since I've been here and it was still only 4 degrees :| its a new challenge everyday to find clothes that keep you warm without making you look like the Michelin man.

Because of the shite weather its difficult to go out and do the typical touristy things that I'm longing to do... so here are a couple of random pictures from the last few weeks:

1. New years eve, some place in Itaewon (pretty much the only pic I took that night, dont quite remember taking it either haha) 2. Snow out my window after coming home on New years day 3. Cup noodles and Ron Burgundy, the only thing for the new years hangover..
 4. Christmas/New year party with the rest of the Avalon staff  5. Snowy streets of Ansan 6. South African wine in Korea!
1. Secret Santa gifts! 2. Super cool saxophonist on the train 3. Korea is all about the cute little messages on everything
4. My station at work 5. A special picture a kid drew on his writing paper for me haha 6. Old building at Seoul station
1. Coffee in Korea 2. Mandu, yum! 3. Sunday strolls
4. First plant to try make my place more homey 5. Iced coffee, obviously didn't ask for the right one :| 6. Fruit loops! well... fruit rings, still delish!

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