Hello South Korea!

I’ve officially survived my first few weeks of South Korea! Well... almost, I'm writing this whilst being pretty darn sick, but -10 degree weather and snotty kids will do this to you!
It’s been one hell of a journey to get here but it’s a really big reality now and a huge step I'm so glad I took!

It’s really difficult to try sum up Korea. On one hand I feel like I'm on a winter vacation somewhere, and on the other I'm back in the groove of a regular Monday to Friday job, going out on weekends and working in the week. Except it’s not that at all, it’s so much more..

I'm realizing slowly that it’s not a piece of cake living on your own yet alone in another country.
It’s weird not having mom to cook dinner, but instead eating things I can’t even pronounce half the time.
Opening cupboards that are always pretty much fully stocked with food, but instead trying to buy food based on the pictures on the containers to try decipher what it actually is.
Never running out of underwear or clothes in general because you have someone to do your washing and ironing, but instead trying to remember which button is the dryer and which the washer because someone once told you but it’s all in Korean so when you screw it up there's no turning back.
Coming home from work and being able to lie in front of the TV for hours watching mindless rubbish that you can’t miss an episode of, ever! But instead turning on the TV of only Korean shows trying to figure out what 5 grown men playing the limbo game in tights on a TV program is actually about.
It’s the little things that change everything..

It will be a huge challenge to try sum up this place. a place where image is everything, even men wear makeup. Where the bigger the smartphone and the bigger the glasses frames means the cooler you look, where men don't see their families for days yet go out drinking every night, puking in the streets till all hours of the morning and where tiny little dogs dressed in clothes are accessories to most but dinner to some..

So far so good though.. I'd give anything to be on the beach somewhere instead of the freezing cold snow right now, but this is what it is and I’ve gotta make the most of it. In the end weather changes but first impressions don't..

So here's to Korea! One really odd but pretty brilliant place..
View from my apartment!

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