See you soon South Korea!

Its finally official, I'll be moving to South Korea in 3 days!!!

I mentioned a while ago in this post that I am planning on going to teach English as a foreign language in Asia. After months of interviews (failed and successful), loads of money spent on visas, criminal records, courier services and and and... Its finally happening and I will be in South Korea on Saturday!

I've gone through one big cocktail of emotions lately: Excitement as I'll be going overseas and visiting another country. Guilt because I'll be missing Christmas, New year and possibly the renovation and move to my family's new house next year. Absolute fear as I will be living on my own and away from home for the first time in my 23 years of life, and worry as I'm petrified that I turn out to be a really crappy teacher and the Korean kids will hate me haha!

I know that all this is normal though, its a really really really big change in my life and would be in anyone's life. Someone told me that I have to remember that I'm not GOING away.. I'm MOVING away! I'll be honest it hasn't really sunken in yet though and I'll probably only hit reality when I'm on the plane or even after I've been there for a couple of months. All in all anxious, excited and petrified are the feelings I'm dealing with right now... Oh and a little sadness because I'll be leaving this awesome Jozi summer and going back into winter :( weather forecast for the week is averaging on 2 degrees with snow... a white Christmas it is!

So that's the gist of it.. I'm off to buy another winter jacket now :)
South Korea, I'll see you soon!!

Found this awesome tumblr site with AMAZING photography of South Korea.. Take a look here :)

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