In The City and 5Gum events... eventually..

This post is suuuper overdue but here are a few pics of two pretty brillo shows that happened in Jozi a couple of weeks ago:

First up was the Bloc Party In the City event at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown. Bloc Party were soooo good and besides the shortage of bars and girls who wanted to bitch fight everyone (true story) it was a pretty superb night!

They had these red carpets set up with photo booth things attached at the end, it was so hard walking past them and not having a few snaps taken, we may have overindulged a tad :D 

Next up later on in the month was the next installment of the #5gumexperience held at a 'secret' location. Remember the last one when they brought out Two Door Cinema Club? This time they treated us to two super cool dj's A-TRAK and Hudson Mohawke. The whole night was organised perfectly, as 5Gum does, from the bus that took us to the secret location which turned out to be the old train station next to the Nelson Mandela bridge! (So awesome!) to the ease of not standing in one single queue the entire night, win!

I managed to take a couple of snaps (literally a couple, like 2 haha)

Here are some pics from @5GumSA's twitter feed from the night: 

So all in all two pretty fantastic weekends were had :)

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