Friends in far places..

Ever wondered: 'what the hell am I doing here?' It’s that ever lingering question in the back of your mind as soon as transitions happen in your life... well in my life it lingers. Coming out of varsity into an internship that is probably going to be the biggest learning experience of my life, hasn’t quite been what its cracked up to be. Only three months into it I’m wondering can I last another seven months.

This is all becoming a realisation after my best friend has just left to go to England for a couple of months. She’s not doing anything that has to do with her degree or anything but isn’t that all what it’s about? I find myself getting into jealous rages when I have nothing to do at work thinking that I could rather be serving drinks to non-tipping, loud mouth, English yobos. What’s that all about though, why would you want to do something that is so far from what you have worked towards studying all these years? It’s an adventure I guess, and I guess I’ll get there one day but for now the internship pays and money = holidays, holidays + money = a guaranteed sweet time, and that’s better than being a foreign waitress isn’t it...

Maybe playing solitaire all day isnt such a bad thing after all...

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