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so I think I’ve been a tad distant seeing as though my last post was in August... am I ashamed you ask? Why, yes I think I am. So it’s a new year with new stuff going down. People went crazy over New Years Eve, some like me braved the rain in Durban and decided to hit the Ballito street party ah boet ah! You know, that once a year massive jol where all the oaks and chicks come wearing their barely there "I'm a top but wear me as a dress to look super sexy" dresses, and their super-g shoes, rosaries (because obviously I’m a catholic if I have dark hair that I wear in a mullet, even though I like to fight with other oaks often), and don’t forget... Ed Hardy, wanna party!

Anyway, the party did have a bit of a different flavour this year because Jack Parrrrooooooow was there, long cap and all. Ah it’s amazing how entertaining hillbilly-ism is. So that was New Years Eve. It went off with a bang, bang in this sense meaning a banging hangover for about three days after, but a bang nevertheless.

My next holiday after the big New Years took me to Cape Town for the first time in about 10 years. Although it was only a week it really was amazing. It’s easy for people in Joburg to classify Capetonians as snobby and stuck up because they would never come to Joburg because they think Cape Town is the bee’s knees, but even though I don’t think they should act like they fart gold dust I do see where they are coming from. Cape Town truly is one of the best places in South Africa. The people there are so relaxed and chilled, I mean yes there are probably little clicks here and there but there are so many more places to go in Cape Town where people just don’t give a fuck. They will dress how they want they will have hair how they want. They will smoke what they want when they want and have a party and semi-productiveness all at the same time. They live the life.

It’s hard living in Joburg where everything is so judgemental and image conscious. If you live in the south of Joburg you are automatically assumed to be a Lebanese or a Porra just like the ones described in Ballito, the north is snobby and rich where all the people have nice clothes nice houses and nice blonde hair. The east is known to be a bit hillbilly just because people automatically assume you’re from Brakpan or Boksburg or Springs that actually is a tad... rural. And the west isn’t really spoken about much... kind of like an alien place like Roswell or something, if you catch my drift.

Anyway it’s just hard to be put into a category all the time. If you go watch bands play you’re a rocker if you go to dance clubs you’re an un tis un tis raver... who cares what you listen to or what you wear. Let’s be more like Capetonians with Joburg anger and wear what you like and tell everyone that judges to eat a dick... be unique this year...

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