Its Oppi time...

So Oppikoppi sexy, crooked teeth is coming up next week. How damn exciting! Being the third Oppikoppi I’ll be going to I keep thinking I’ll be prepared and okay.... never happens. Dust, fun, drunkness, music, drunkness, music, drunkness, music, that’s the main idea. I’m not even sure drunkness is a word but it all makes sense on the koppi.

So if you don’t know anything about south Africa’s music scene then you probably won’t know that Oppikoppi music festival is one of the biggest things that happens every year round about this time. That’s the 6th till the 9th of august. This is the 16th year of the Oppikoppi festival and it’s in Northam in Limpopo, you say middle of no-where, I say the greatest place with the greatest music. It’s near Sun City if you don’t get out much.

I can’t say much about it now except that the excitement and amazingness is too much to bear for this last countdown of a week. So for now the road trip mix cds are getting made and the padkos is being bought.

Some tips for anyone making the great trek to Oppi:

• Don’t wear open toed shoes, the thorns are a bit of a bitch

• Bring plenty booze, it runs out

• Bring plenty wet wipes, they also run out

• Bring some pocket money, the shirts are cool

• Don’t mope around if you lose your friends, make new ones

• Be sexy, crooked and show some teeth

• And lastly, open your mind and embrace the amazing music you will get to hear and experience. If you don’t know the band, stick around... learn to love it...

See you on the koppi!

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