The Ayoba-ness of it all

Well here it is the first post of this blog. Ive been told that every blog should be unique in their own way, I've thought about what would make this unique and South African, and not just one single element came to mind but plenty little things. South Africa has got to be one of the greatest places in the world, the culture, the people, the music, fashion, nightlife. it all makes south Africa what it is today. Besides all the politics, crime, HIV/AIDS, gangs and all that other crap that people continue to complain about in our society today South Africa is fantastic! Over these past few months starting with the planning of the world cup, and the start of it, there’s always been that one unintelligent, South Africa hater that has never has faith in this country since the day they were born in it. these types of people complained that we wouldn’t be able to do it things were said like "we won’t pull it off" and all the foreigners will get high jacked, raped, pick pocketed and trafficked into sex work by the scary Nigerians from Hillbrow. Did that happen? NO! Sure there were a few incidents that were reported but nothing huge and out of the ordinary of any other major event. My hope for the foreigners was to enjoy this country for the good things: The people, the places, scenery, music and culture, the ‘Ayoba-ness’ if you will. Hopefully they will go home and rant and rave (in a good way) about all that is South African.

South Africa, we did it. Now let’s embrace our country:)

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