Ooh the SAMA's!

SAMA nominations were announced last night for the 17th annual awards that will be taking place this year. There was a party and what not for the big announcement (apparently all the cool kids were there) but lets not focus on that but instead focus on the awesome-ness of some of the nominees..

I used to get kind of annoyed every year when SAMA time came around, mainly because, and call me selfish and ignorant, but most of the music I listened to wasn’t recognised. Stuff that got major radio play and pulled in tons of people at gigs didn’t even get a slight mention never mind a nomination. I’ve got to say that reading the list of this years nominees I became a lot more cheerful about the whole situation. I can safely say that I may now be a SAMA fan..

The Narrow got a nom for best English rock album, along with Zebra & Giraffe and the usuals Prime Circle & The Parlotones. No surprise there... I'm not sure South Africans will ever realise that there are other English rock bands besides Prime Circle and the Parlotones. Just because radio stations don’t rape them of their entire albums doesn’t mean they don’t exist... just a thought.

I was way impressed to see that Wrestlerish and Yoav were nominated for best English alternative music album. Although Yoav can’t really be called a truly true South African artist, seen as though most of his work is done overseas, its still really cool that he’s finally recognised. It would be really cool to see a bunch of other Indie bands and artists recognised in this category. Alternative is wear its at. People are finally slowly drifting from the mainstream... really slowly, but I guess its a start.

The Afrikaans rock and alternative album nominees are impressive. I think that being a huge fan of mk made me a fan of these categories. Its awesome to see fresh talent like the mk Rockspaaider winners Countdown to the Red Carpet being recognised as well as new sounding Afrikaans music like Die Tuindwergies & Bittereinder. A bit of bias comes into who I think should win for best Afrikaans rock album because I’ve always been a tad um.. I wouldn’t call it obsessed, that just sounds unhealthy, but more overwhelmed by greatness from Francious van Coke... aaaah the sweetness of expressive and excessive vomiting and handstands on the stage, how could anyone not love him! Van Coke Kartel is the bee’s knees on this one. On the other hand I'm rooting for Straatligkinders, purely because they decided to go on an indefinite hiatus a couple of weeks ago. Maybe a big award will be like one big bang to get them going again..

Happiness came once again when I saw Goldfish, The Arrows, Tumi and the Volume, Flash Republic and Jax Panik had all received nominations. People are loving on the party vibes and they are bringing them out in full force..

I really would have mentioned a bunch of the other nominees but sokkie treffers and gospel tunes aren’t exactly my forte and this blog post is getting waaay to long already :)

So tune in or go hustle up a ticket to the SAMA's on 20 May 2011 at Monte Casino in Fourways, Johannesburg. I'll be putting on my excited pants for what should be an awesome show..

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