Hi from Hong Kong!!!

Well this has taken long enough...sorry to anyone reading (mom), hoping you're ready for a bit of an update though, I'm in Hong Kong! Or rather, I've been in Hong Kong for two months already! Whaaat!

So long story short, I decided, after coming home from Korea exactly a year ago, that I definitely wasn't done with Asia and needed another adventure. Yes yes it did take me 9 months to get going but here I am!

Work wise, Meryl Teacher is back! Well its now Miss Meryl:) I am teaching again at another language school except I now teach 3 year olds instead of 15 year olds.. bit different but I am really enjoying it so far. I've finally got a great repertoire of kids songs too. I can now sing "The wheels on the bus" to you till your ears bleed and not even get sick of it :P

Hong Kong has been incredible so far, my short visit 2 years ago put the little idea into my head that I could live and work here one day and being here for longer than a quick 4 day visit has definitely confirmed that. I have been so so lucky to meet up with friends from home and family already and have made some amazing new friends that I'm pretty sure I'll have for life. I live in one of the busiest parts of Hong Kong, Mong Kok. Its ridiculously busy but really convenient, most things you need are right outside or down the road. I've almost mastered the 'Mong Kok shuffle' of weaving in and out of the thousands of people on the street everyday... almost haha. Living here has really added to the excitement of it all. There's never a dull moment in my neighbourhood. Exploring a bit more has also made me realise that Hong Kong isn't just a really big busy city (notice I did 'loads' of research before coming here) A short trip out of the city and you're at a really nice beach, island or waterfall. Sundays have been the best! Its summer at the moment too which means junk boats! Basically a day out on a boat having fun with some of your favourite people. Cannot wait!

So that's my little update on life so far, will be sure to share more very soon. Here's to a great year (or more?) in Hong Kong!
New hood!

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