And then also back in Nam.. Sapa

A few more days in Hanoi after getting back from Ha Long Bay and the 'Vietnam Vipers' had to go our separate ways. The boys all started on their journey home and Anna and I decided to make the most of  our last few days and take a trip to Sapa for a bit of trekking and rice paddy time. We got on the second last of the 10 hour bus rides we would be taking in the country and headed North.

We arrived to start the trek straight away. You have to take most/all of your belongings with you so we tried to pack as light as possible, leaving our big backpacks in Hanoi. We walked for a good few hours taking in the fantastic views of the rice paddies, stopped for lunch, and carried on till we got to the home-stay that evening. Staying at the home-stay was a really great experience. You stay in a wonderfully friendly local Sapa family's house, given a bed, tasty meals and some 'delicious' Vietnamese rice wine. It was the perfect authentic experience and although my first and only bit of travel sickness decided to creep its way in right as we arrived, not ideal at all, I still really enjoyed every bit of it. After trekking the whole of the next day back to town we had the best sleep at the hotel, visited another village and snuck in some foot massages too, because...Asia.

When arriving in Sapa you're almost always greeted by smiling groups of Hmong ladies. They will become your friends and help you during your trek and make you cool grass flower things, and occasionally try sell you their bags and outfits. They are really lovely though and wont be that offended if you don't buy their things.Trekking through the rice paddies and taking in the incredible views of the mountains was breathtaking and definitely made Sapa a highlight of my whole Asian trip.
Cheers Sapa!


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