Back to Thailand, Koh Tao!

I'm home!!!! Back in Joburg after what can only be described as the best 18 months I could ever imagine! I did try my best to keep everyone up to speed with my 3 and a bit months in South East Asia but that didn't exactly go according to plan soooo I figured I'd just keep going now as I have tons of free time (unemployment! woo!)

After a super cool trip to Myanmar I had to say laters to Teddy Chesnut and was on my own again. One thing I really wanted to do on this trip was learn how to dive and get my open water license. I ran out of time before because I decided to go get hammered on Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phangnan before Burma, as one does. So I decided it was now or never. I got on the first night bus out of Bangkok and headed back down south for round two. I arrived in Koh Tao to my name on a piece of paper and got taken to the dive school. After a quick nap it was time to start the course. It pretty much consisted of videos and tests for the first two days and then the real diving began. I honestly can't put words to how cool it is being under water and being able to breathe and see the most beautiful ocean life like its no big deal. After four quick days of videos, tests, pool practice and amazing ocean diving I had become a PADI open water diver! I get a card and everything! The pretty fantastic instructors at Davy Jones Locker and my awesome dive buddy Femke made it super easy and a lot of fun:)

Because the dive course had taken up most of my first four days on Koh Tao, I decided to stay an extra two days to explore the island a bit more. I moved to a new backpackers, a bit further inland from the beach. The first day there turned into a pretty unforgettable Koh Tao holiday. Met some brilliant people, the unofficial but also totally official pres crew. If you're unfamiliar, pres: noun, the act of drinking cheap as chips booze before going out and drinking more/turning a hostel room into a war zone/creating a shit show. This happened for the next 3 nights teamed with snorkel trips and beach bumming. Koh Tao was definitely one for the books and further threw out every fear I had before about travelling alone because no matter where you are you're guaranteed to meet amazing people that you'll definitely keep in touch with for a long time:) Koh Tao, you were lovely...

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