Delivery for me?

A couple of weeks ago I got my first package from my family back home. It took forever to get here because the South African post office was on strike. Striking is not unusual back home but come now post office, do you not know that I'm in Korea and in urgent need of some home supplies??

It eventually arrived a little while ago with all sorts of goodies from home. Thanks again Mom and Dad :)
A parcel for Miss Meryl, how fancy
New stokies!!!! My feet are VERY happy :)
I have never been more excited to see a R5 tin of multipurpose miracle stuff :)
All the bunnies! A little late for Easter but then again when is it ever too late for chocolate. I am trying to savour these but the golden bunny family is getting a little smaller pretty quickly haha
I also got this sweet card from my best friend. It had a Christmas and New Year message inside lol.. better late than never Jenzie:)

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