Always with me..

The 4 month mark is hitting in a couple of days. I've been told that this is the time you become really really homesick and start hating everything about Korea. I can safely say that this hasn't happened yet (touch wood).

Of course I miss my family and friends a ton. I think about you all everyday. I also know that you're all stressing out about the threats from the North but we are still all okay and if anything happens I promise I'll be on the first flight back home or somewhere safer before you can say "Kim Jong Un" (touch wood.. again) 

Besides all the drama, I know its also super cliched to say but I finally feel like I am supposed to be here, like what I'm doing is making a difference and is actually pretty worthwhile. The kids I teach have warmed up to me/ started hating me a little less haha!  and I am seeing results that they are actually learning something from me too:) Its also warming up here so I've decided to stop being a hermit and have finally started exploring Korea a bit more. I'm making some really great friends along the way too.

In saying that, I am still not much without my friends and family back home so I've decided to put you and some of our memories on my wall:) the start of a little diy art project if you will.. 


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Miss you so much my Mer. That post made me feel all happy and all sad at the same time. X

  2. Ah that is such a cool photo wall:) I miss you SOOOOOO much. Brings back such great memories looking at these pics:) LOVE YOUUUUU!