So sweet, Oppikoppi 2012!

About two weeks ago I celebrated my five year Oppikoppi anniversary! (I feel like I need a medal for this :P ) and it was yet another flippen cool weekend. The theme this year was ‘Sweet thing’, kind of ironic as the widespread thorny Oppikoppi farm is anything but ‘sweet’. It is however dusty, rough, loud, drunk, dusty oh and did I mention dusty? The increase of crowd capacity to 20 000 people probably added to that extra bit of dust but made it one epic weekend :)

The after effects of the weekend of cold and dust got me bad, and after sounding like a teenage boy going through puberty for a week or so I’ve finally regained my actual voice just in time for this post.


• Arriving and having camping space reserved and a tent set up already (Courtesy of my buds Rox and Kaylee :) no Kreef Hotel needed!)

• After their couple of year hiatus, finally getting to watch Thieve perform live

• Desmond & the Tutus… always

• Persuading Rox to brave the Koppi and watch PH Fat with me

• Making new friends after being left on my lonesome to watch Fokof.

• Fokofpolisiekar… also always :)

• Enter Shikari, Wow!


• Paying money to charge my phone and then no one responding when trying to get hold of them :|

• aKING’s sound… so bad, hence the PH Fat mission.

• Standing on a rock trying to catch a glimpse of the action at the Red Bull stage… falling off rock :| (must have been the wind that blew me over, it’s not like I overdid it on my first night there or anything, lolz :D )

• Being left with no phone and no way of finding anyone to watch things I wanted to watch with.

• 13 year old boy voice syndrome..

So all in all Oppi fifth year = another great year :) Thanks again Oppikoppi for a super cool festival :)

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  1. Looks amazing!!! Sounds like you girls had a complete and utter blast:)