Music Niceness :)

Being out of the country for 3 weeks I missed out on 3 weeks of repetitive radio play on certain songs yay!But also missed out on some amazing new discoveries that are getting radio play right now.

I heard this song for the first time the other day and I've heard it probably 3 times since then but I really haven't gotten sick of it.. not even a little bit.

This guys name is Gotye. Hes a Belgian Australian (strange combo yes) but wowzers does he make some cool music :)

Have a listen to a bunch of his other stuff here

Also, this news is a tad old but...The Tallest Man on Earth is coming to South Africa!

Hes coming and hes excited. He said so himself here

Best song:

Hes playing a Joburg and Cape town Show in February. For info and tickets go here

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