Also Back in Nam.. Biking to Hue, Hanoi & Ha Long Bay

Most travellers throughout Vietnam make sure they get on a motorbike at least once during their time there. I've never been a huge fan of bikes and had never actually ridden one on my own till then. We decided we'd give it a go and ride on our own to the next city. Together with the greatest people we met on the trip, the now totally official 'Vietnam Vipers' (we had skull bandannas made and everything) we were off to Hue. The seven hour drive took us to some pretty fantastic places. We rode right along the coastline for most of the trip, over the Hai Van Pass stopping to take in some incredible views. It really was an unforgettable experience and something that even though I was terrified to do, I would do again in a heartbeat, skull bandanna and all ;)
Filthy faces enjoying that well deserved beer
After arriving in Hue we cleaned ourselves up, riding in the open air with not much other than a bowl helmet made us pretty filthy at the end of it. We didn't waste time in planning the next leg of the trip to Hanoi. Vietnam backpackers are really great because they have opened hostels throughout the country and link up their trips with one another. We were able to book our Ha Long Bay Castaways tour in Hue and jump on board right after arriving in Hanoi. Arriving in Hanoi after another overnight bus trip was mad. It was the first time since Ho Chi Minh that we found ourselves in a big city again. Our time together was running out so we had to fit in as much as possible during those next few days. We made sure we got in all of the pho and street beers, a little temple hopping and cheap stuff shopping before Ha Long Bay.
Our trip to Ha Long Bay was a little different to most advertised trips. Because we opted for Vietnam backpackers castaway tour, we were in for a lot more than we expected... or actually exactly what we expected. It was wild to say the least. One night on the boat playing drinking games and partying till the early hours of the morning, a day spent kayaking through the little island caves and jumping off the roof of the boat and a night and day spent rock climbing, swimming and more partying on the castaway island, all involving all of the beers, pretty much sums up the trip. It took a lot of recovery after it all but was totally worth it. It really was loads of fun and we still got to experience the jaw dropping beauty of Ha Long Bay.


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