The rest of beautiful Cambodia..

The last bit of Cambodia was a bit of a blur. A quick few days in Phnom Penh doing all of the touristy things. Beautiful, awestruck visits to the Royal Palace and heartbreaking, tearful visits to the Killing fields and S-21 prison. An overnight bus to Sihanoukville, getting severely sunburnt, a ferry ride to Koh Rong, some diving, some getting eaten by every insect imaginable, helping out teaching a class with Friends of Koh Rong organisation (go help them, they're doing great things for the island) and back to Sihanoukville for the next bus trip to Vietnam!

Okay so it wasn't so much of a blur but it was jam packed with activities! It was hard to chill out too much knowing that I was meeting my brother in Vietnam after Cambodia. I can't urge people to go to Cambodia enough though. Its a beautiful country, the people are wonderful, the food is the best and the beers are cheap!
Royal Palace
Palace Selfie! Wild hair & all of the freckles..
The Mekong
The Killing Fields
S-21 prison
Sausages or legs?
Beautiful Otres Beach
Hammock sunburn
Koh Rong Beach

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