To the mad ones..

When leaving to come to Korea the hardest thing I thought I would have to deal with is homesickness and the longing to go back to everything I know and love. During these last few months I've realised that saying goodbye to some amazing friends who are finishing their Korean journey has quickly taken over those homesick feelings and is bringing forward a whole new level of heartache.

Arriving in Korea I expected to meet some fantastic and interesting people. People I would go home and tell my people about. People I would have the fondest memories of. People that I would never forget, and people I would make the best effort to meet up with again very soon. I'd be lying if I said I had the easiest time meeting new people at the start of my Korean journey. I always thought of myself as a fairly outgoing person so I didn't think it would be so difficult to make a ton of friends as soon as I arrived. It started a little different than expected. I guess I was still closed in when I got here, stuck in everything I knew back home and comparing everything and everyone new to my somewhat cookie cutter mold of a life I had left at home.

Sitting here with exactly three months left in Korea and hitting the anniversary of one year in Korea really soon, I can tell you that right now it is a different story altogether. I have made the best friends here. I've become really close with people who are way different to me; outstanding, kind, loving and helpful people with such interesting lives and experiences that we are able to share with each other everyday. I have definitely learnt a lot about myself by opening up to so many truly great friends during my time here. I write this post with a bit of a pang in my heart as recently a lot of my fantastic friends that I have met have finished or are on the verge of finishing their Korean experience and are moving onto new chapters in their lives. The same phrase comes into my head every time someone leaves, "Its the nature of the game". Its the inevitable reality that someday none of us will be here in this weird but wonderful country. We will all be on the road to something different, in someplace new, having new and different experiences. So for these last few months, I will make sure to bask in the shindig that is Korea and make the last few memories of this fantastic place anything but forgettable. Missing the mad ones already xx

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