Its getting warmer in Korea!!! Its pretty ridiculous how excited I am about this but the truth is, this African body and the icy -18 degree weather and snow did not go well together.

The past couple of weeks have been slow at work. Our kids have been on holding for their exams, which basically means that my seventeen kid classes turned into 1, 2 or even zero kids for the past couple of weeks.. bitter sweet because I still have to stay at work till 10 pm :( but it does mean that I have loads of time to myself which means time to share my stories of Spring in Korea so far :) And do stuff like this:
One of the boys I teach was the only kid that came for the lesson, so he drew me a maze that I had to solve. We then compared how many countries we've each visited (he totally put me to shame.. hes 15..), we then played cards, taught him how to play speed, put him to shame, success! :D

Some places I've visited/attempted to visit over the past couple of weeks:
  • Korean war museum - a lot to take in and a little eerie given the current situation but it was really interesting, got my history brain going again.
  • a Traditional Korean wedding - organised through a meetup group, I had no idea who the couple was or what the hell was going on 90% of the time but it was interesting and from what I got they were a really sweet couple too. The buffet afterwards was the real winner.
  • Yeouido Park cherry blossom festival - Not 100% sure we were at the right park but the blossoms we did see were pretty and our impromptu card game on the grass gave the Koreans something to look at.
  • Trick Eye museum in Hongdae - An interactive museum where you take photos of each other doing different things with the pictures on the wall.. Taking photos of each other all day = VERY Korean.
  • Jindo Island Miraculous sea parting festival - So much fun! more on that later.
Korea has been very good to me lately. Its hard to believe I've been here for almost 5 months already. Time definitely does fly when you're having fun!

War Museum

North Korean camps
Freedom wall
Photozone of Dokdo - The islands Japan and Korea are fighting over. Naturally we did not get the option of holding a Japanese flag here!

Korean wedding

Wedding card from the meetup group
So much food. Must.try.everything!

The wedding was at Seoul Racecourse Park. The gloomy weather and galloping horses made for a strange but pretty decent setting.

Yeouido Park & Trick Eye Museum

Park amongst the buildings
Trick eye museum - Pantsing a painting
Fro love
Sad pandas
I've put a whole Trick Eye album up here if you want to see more pictures of us being super Korean.

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