FOMO setting in

What would normally be the most exciting thing to happen like ever has become a bit of a bummer for me. As a bit of a live music fanatic and uber fan of both these bands, the amount of talk surrounding RHCP coming to SA in Feb next year and Rise Against coming in March next year has been a bit of a bummer to deal with. I would normally be really excited for all this talk but my plans of teaching abroad soon mean that I won’t be here to witness the greatness that is coming to our shores :(
Although I’m almost 101 percent sure that I will be leaving the country before the end of the year, a serious amount of Fomo has set in.

Fomo: "Fear of missing out. The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great"

Not to be confused with this fomo

Fomo: "A fake homosexual man who tries to score chicks by being sensitive and by dressing very well, also called a metrosexual."

Haha! thanks Urban dictionary

Anyway to cure my fomo (for now) Here are some of my RHCP and Rise Against faves :) Enjoy!

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