Things are a happening..

As part of my new year’s resolutions I vowed I would blog more… as you can tell, my resolutions haven’t exactly kicked off yet :| 

Things have been pretty crazy over the past few months. After 14 months of hard work, I moved jobs and am no longer a news intern at that big news agency but I now work in a quaint shop in a newly renovated design district. Massive contrast but I do love the change.

I’m working at the Egyptian Cotton Studio in Kramerville, Joburg. It’s an awesome little center with sweet little furniture stores, lovely home d├ęcor things and rooftop that allows you to see the view of all views.

My official job title is manager of social media and marketing/weekend salesperson (lies, I don’t really have an official title but that sounds about right).

It does come with a little confusion. Examples of conversations I’ve had lately:

Everyone: So Meryl what do you do?
Me: I manage a couple of social media accounts for some places.
Everyone: no but like for work?
Me: ummm ya that is my work.....
Awks :|
But yes, aside from that, I’m working to complete a TEFL course so that I can go back to the wonderful world of South East Asia sometime to teach little kids and stay a lot longer than just a three week vay-kay.

I’m also trying to learn how to sew and play guitar again but we’ll see how far I get with that.. Hold thumbs..

Here is the view from the window of my new workplace, it’s like the zoomed in version of the roof view.

No Joburg skyline but still pretty snazzy right?


  1. Don't forget to mention the fact that you have a SUPER COOOOL buddie working with you at The Egyptian Cotton Studio;)