Le TDCC story :)

Most folks would know that Two Door Cinema Club, once a little, now pretty massive, indie band from Northern Ireland hopped onto our shores this past weekend, played a spectacular show and possible made my life.

I really should have blogged about this earlier but didn’t in fear that I would get way too excited about them coming, be really unlucky and not win tickets and be forever bummed out and vent my sadness on twitter by using #emotweet everyday…

But heyooooo! That doesn’t need to happen because I did win tickets and I did go to the show and after this weekend I am as happy as a pig in poo :)

It all started on the 8th of February when the twitterverse exploded with the news that 5 Gum SA was bringing TDCC to SA for two shows in March. Joburg on the 2nd and Cape Town on the 3rd.

I died a little then came back to life then died a little again, let out a high pitched squeal of excitement, then walked around with a stupid massive grin on my face the entire day.

That grin got a little smaller when it became known that we couldn’t buy tickets but had to win them. I tried to remember the last time I had won anything or if I ever had won anything in my life; nothing came to me, panic set in and prayers started straight away.

When 5 Gum eventually announced how we could enter I got on the frantic entering train, liked 5 Gum SA on Fbook, went onto the #5gumexperience app and sent about 15 applications through to win tickets. We could apparently only enter once but I felt a little luckier every time I entered so it made sense to go overboard.

Ten days later winners slowly got their tickets sent to them. Starting in Cape Town they made their way alphabetically through the list of winners. Joburg started, so did constant refreshing on my Gmail account. Friends sent messages saying they got tickets, I started freaking out and eventually I saw that little one message received icon and my entire year (so far) was made!

Fast forward to last Friday night :D
The venue was incredible. I wasn’t too sure what would be done to Nasrec Expo centre because it is practically just a super large room, but wowzers it looked amazing! There was a massive stage with plenty of space to get your dance on, big screens in case you didn’t manage to push your way through to the front and lights creating a cool ambience (if you will) hanging from the ceiling. It all worked and worked really well.

Isochronous and Desmond and the Tutus opened for TDCC. Isochronous were pretty fantastic and are brilliant live but I’m not sure if they quite fitted in 100% with the rest of the line-up. Little too serious for that gig.

The Tutus rocked it as usual, making me dance the dance of all dances :P
Desmond & the Tutus
A little break and Two Door Cinema Club were on! The band that I had longed to see since forever were finally here!

I managed to make my way to the front(ish) and with the help of some friendly faces, sang every word, danced to every song and had whistling matches because I was convinced that just cheering and clapping wasn't loud enough :D
Alex Trimble & Kevin Baird from Two Door Cinema Club
The band was so together and slick. There wasn’t one bum note and every little unique sound that you hear on their albums was there, sounding 10 times better too. They also played a couple of new songs from their upcoming album that they’re currently working on. If those few songs were anything to go by, the next album is going to be something else.

The night ended with more dancing with Haasbroek supplying some cool tunes for all the kids longing for the awesomeness of the night to carry on… (me).
5 Gum really knows how to put on an incredible gig. A million thank yous aren’t enough for a life-making, super well put together show :)

Found this video on He who says hmm’s blog. Its TDCC performing What You Know at Nasrec at the Joburg show.

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