Growing up sucks sometimes

This week has been a week of lasts, that turned into a week of wtf's, and has now become a week of 'I have no idea whats going on's'

Movember ended. booooo:( But onto more serious issues, the 10 month internship that I have been a part of  this year ended yesterday only to find out that its been extended till March and all the interns are staying... Yay?
Bosses and senior staff have said that we are ungrateful and should be happy that we have a job and should make the most out of this opportunity... the usual stuff.. and I hear them, but to be honest, its confused the crap out of me...
Not only have I thought that I would have the whole of  December to do noooothing but holiday, holiday and more holiday, and now have some extra work to do. But is this really what I want to do with my life anyway?

Thoughts going through my head:
1.Does this mean I have to make decisions about my future, like, yesterday?
2.Im too young for such responsibilities
3.What is a decision anyway?

This made me feel a teeny bit better about my indecisiveness and emo-ness:)

Oh the joys of growing up...

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