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Halloween and Kings of Leon all in one weekend?! Bonus! This is pretty much how it went down:

A couple of weeks ago Converse SA announced they were giving away 1000 free double tickets to the Halloween Block Party in Newtown that happened on Friday. I totally jumped on that bandwagon:) We went as the nerd herd.. easy outfit but super effective. I found myself introduducing myself as Gertrude the whole night. Had to have the complete character in order you know:)

What a party though! Desmond and the Tutus performed dressed at the Parlotones, Shane the singer stood with a megaphone in hand eating Kfc with a pretty terrible Kahn Morbee receeding hairline wig on... Brilliant!

3 fifths of the nerd herd
Finally broke in my Converse :)

Saturday was the Kings of Leon concert....finally!
There was sooo much speculation about whether they were going to come or not, you know, the whole cancelling thing in March and then the too drunk to perform thing a couple of months ago.. anyway all that aside, I dont think I've ever been more excited to see a band in my life :)

The show was phenomenal. I am kicking myself for not getting into the stadium early enough to watch Shadowclub but download their live performance at the show. I did and I've listened to it over and over to try make up for missing out.
Die Heuwels Fantasties were fantastic, Im a bit of an uber fan for them and all things Belville and I've seen them a bunch of times but that performance was by far one of the greatest.

Then of course Kings of Leon played. no words... too brilliant. Sure they didnt interact with the crowd as much as we would have liked but then again they probably fitted in a bunch more songs because they didnt talk so much... bonus!
Only problem I had is that we stood in general standing, never again... I totally lost my voice because I had to compensate for the lack of singing or lack of fun that the people around me were having... seriously dont go to a show if you arent even gonna hum the songs.. its annoying! So conclusion is next time I go to any show. GC all the way! GC - I've noticed its what the cool kids in golden circle were calling it... sigh...

This songs been in my head the entire time I wrote this post. Enjoy :)

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