Coldplay weekend :)

This is a tad behind schedule but whatevs, schedules are for sheep :)

Last Saturday was the Coldplay concert at Soccer City in Johannesburg. A bunch of us rented bus combi type things to take us there, fully stocked with some drinks for the road and good attitudes. Me being stoked was a bit of an understatement :)

It was Ay-may-zing!!!! A highlight of the night was when we were filmed for the bands new music video for Paradise, okay.. we being the entire stadium full of people, but I was in that 60 000 person crowd:) Watch this space for when it comes out..

I really forgot how pretty Coldplay songs are and was pretty teary eyed when Chris Martin played Fix You, the Scientist and pretty much every other song on the set list..

It was a super night though, like really really good. Took a few snaps on my little camera, edited the crap out of them and made a collage <3

Kings of Leon on the 29th! So much of excitement!

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