Some winners!

So the SAMA awards were this past week & weekend as well as 2011 Municipal elections. Tons of people were automatically made into winners, and even more were subjected to corner crying because they were made into losers.... shame :(

Insider info says apparently the SAMA’s were all kinds of messed up... peeps didn’t have seats, no food was provided and judging by what I saw on TV they were obviously running late and their graphics for nominees just bombed out or got cut out due to time or what not. Didn’t seem like the most successful of award shows but here are some successful artists:

I was super chuffed to see Van Coke Kartel won best Afrikaans rock group. Yay Francois 'puke on stage' van Coke! Bittereinder won best Alternative Afrikaans group which is cool because they are alternative and different but it would have been nice to see Foto na Dans win that one, judging by their performance at the mk awards they were pretty phenomenal. Google it.

Best Alternative English went to Yoav, again not really South African only kind of. I would have liked to see Wrestlerish win that one but maybe they took it from them because they let Kurt Darren sing their song at the awards show.. Not cool Kurt, not cool...

The Parlotones were no surprise winning awards for best video and best global chart DVD. And old Locnville picked up a few as well (cue the screaming teenage girls).

So all in all The SAMA’s were dead average I’d say, no major surprises, not fantastic organisation... you know just okay...

Local government elections also happened this passed week. I had the privilege of being part of the broadcast team at SABC News, so I chilled at the IEC results centre in sunny Pretoria for the end half of last week. It was really quite fantastic seeing all the important politicians walking around; Helen and Juli-ass, and seeing all the results come in before anyone else. The ANC did manage to win most metros again so I guess this weekend they were the Winners... They had a party to celebrate as well... because parties are waaaay more important to spend money on than starving and jobless South Africans hey Juli-ass?!

So those were the winners of the weekend... Hope they enjoy their wins and continue making awesome music or continue, or start, making valuable contributions to our society...

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